New Business Legal Services

We respect the drive of entrepreneurs. Your new business is the result of your idea, your expertise, your intellectual property, your education and your experience all coming together to yield and sustain financial success and personal satisfaction.

Adding a professional team of legal experts to the development of your new business will allow you to benefit by gaining access to much needed legal services as your business develops and grows.

Legal Planning for New Businesses

We bring to your business strategic legal planning and legal services and can support you by managing virtually all legal transactions or contracts related to your new business.

Our attorneys work with you in understanding the nuts and bolts of:

Setting up Your Corporation

From articles of incorporation through employer responsibilities to corporate dissolution

Obtaining Funding

From developing your business plan to negotiating funding to structuring equity provision for principals and employees

Setting up Your Corporation

Your business ideas, the yields of your product development
Your brand identity and other inventions
New Venture Attorneys will assist in obtaining the protections such as trademarks, patents and developing the agreements that will protect your intellectual property

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