Ongoing Support

The legal support needed for a corporation does not end with the filing of articles of incorporation, closing of a round of financing or protection of intellectual property. It requires continous attention.

This ongoing attention falls broadly within two categories:

Though there are many other instances under which you will want to seek the advice of your corporate counsel.

Corporate Governance

Generally Corporate Governance is the continued ethical application of your bylaws and operational procedures to shareholders and other statkeholders of your entity consistently and fairly.

Competent counsel will understand the nuances of balancing the law with the needs of the company for sustained growth and prosperity. New Venture Attorneys has experience in the application of the law to corporate questions of ethics, labor, benefits, securities, taxes and other general business activities.

Further, New Venture Attorneys will provide counsel to executives and officers and directors when they must make decisions on such important corporate items such as financial disclosures, executive responsibilities accounting responsibilities, codes of conduct for employers, and employees and a myriad of other business proceedings. These issues may or may not have definitive precedent in law, but they will most assuredly be unique in their application within your corporation.

Intellectual Property Management

Too often, corporations are damaged by a failure to maintain their intellectual properties.

Regular monitoring of websites, marketing materials and competitor's product releases is paramount to maintaining IP protection. New Venture Attorneys can assist you with notification to businesses of your senior rights and request they cease and desist from continued use of marks or promotion of products or services for which you hold intellectual property rights.

In addition, regular monitoring of your marks and patents will help you to prevent your rights from being abandoned and lost into the public domain. If the public starts using your mark incorrectly, it can become "generic", meaning that everyone is free to use it. Some famous examples of marks that were once valuable registered trademarks, but which became generic are: "aspirin," "calator," "Q-tips," and "Xerox". Although once brands for pain medication, moving stairways, cotton swabs and copiers, these words are now all words that everyone uses for these items.

Lastly, failure to enforce your mark for a long time may also make it difficult for you to obtain injunctive relief against another entity using a mark similar to yours. New Venture Attorneys will maintain records to ensure you are continually enforcing your mark or patent rights as warranted by timelines and the nature of developments within your industry competitors.


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